Publication – Stakeholders in the Just Transition #3

As part of our Taskforce, we are glad to publish today the third issue of the paper series “Stakeholders in the Just Transition” which aims is to approach different key concepts in respect of the Just Transition.

This paper highlights the need for financial institutions to integrate the concerns of territories and local communities into their Just Transition strategies.

Therefore, to be just, the transition must look at its consequences for each territory, in order to benefit from its geography, its economic and social assets and its specificities, to create new opportunities where current jobs are threatened. For investors, the challenge consists in financing projects in the most affected territories, but also in integrating local communities as full actors in the transition.

In this article, the Paris Financial Centre commits to :

• Promote development and innovation around financial vehicles integrating both environmental and social objectives across several asset classes
• Encourage the dialogue between companies and investors on this topic
• Promote the dialogue with local authorities and synergies between the public and private sectors