Panorama of Sustainable Fintechs

Finance for Tomorrow, together with ADEME, is publishing for the first time in October 2022 the “Panorama of French Sustainable Fintechs”.

For the first edition of the “Panorama of French Sustainable Fintechs”, Finance for Tomorrow, in collaboration with ADEME, worked on defining a classification of sustainable fintechs based on explicitly defined criteria. The objective is to enhance this Panorama yearly, with the contribution of Fintechs themselves.

Sustainable Fintechs are defined as start-ups offering innovative solutions, through the technology they use or the use they enable, applied to the financial sector with the aim of supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and/or reducing the impacts of the sector.

In 2022, 102 sustainable fintechs have been identified. Out of the total number of French fintechs, 11% focus on green finance. The majority of sustainable fintechs specifically address the following subjects: data, project finance and payment services and neobanks.